TCCO Structure

Tanzania Clubfoot Care Organization (TCCO) organization structure was formulated to outline the hierarchy in the organization and indicate the relationships shared among employees. The employees/team use the Organogram to understand their immediate supervisors and managers properly manage teams and delegation of tasks and responsibilities. It is also an effective tool for communication flow from the bottom up and vice versa.

The organogram is comprised of the following:

The board of directors is made of the Chairman, vice-chairman, and members.

This person is an experienced medical doctor in clubfoot and he also acts as an advisor to both, the board and the program implementation team.

This is a TCCO employee whose role is to oversee the implementation of all activities and he/she reports directly to the board.

He/she is responsible for all financial issues. He /she is also an advisor to the Program Manager regarding financial issues.

These are the technical team in the 5 TCCO zones. They are responsible for all technical activities such as training, supportive supervision, and home visits.

MEL personnel is responsible for coordinating all training at TCCO, monitoring, and evaluating program performance as well learning enhancement for program development and sustainability.

The responsible officer takes care of all payments, preparation of reports, and administration of the Lake Zone.

They are responsible for administrative activities in the zones.

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