Advanced ponseti training held in Mwanza

The training was held on October 24/25, 2019 in Mwanza-Tanzania with seven participants from Bunda DDH, St.Gaspar -Itigi hospital, Dodoma Regional Referral Hospital, Sengerema Hospital, Shinyanga Regional Referral Hospital clinics in lake zone and central zone and this training was facilitated by three facilitators.

This training aimed at equipping the participating trainees with more advanced skills on PONSETI METHOD in treating children with clubfoot. On October 24, 2019 Theory was taught on Advanced Ponseti, and on October 25, 2019, Practical sessions were conducted at Sekou Toure regional referral hospital.

Trainees had room to apply the newly acquired knowledge to live patients at Seko Toure during the practical session.

The main goal of this training was to increase the knowledge and technical skills to the participants in treating ATYPICAL CLUBFOOT, RECURRENT CLUBFOOT and OLDER CHILDREN with clubfoot.

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  • dr. michael fakharani

    As a friend of Tanzania , having supportée clubfoot treatment in Ndanda, Nyangao, Usariver and Nkuaranga I would like to support the TCCO from my country, Germany and assist your efforts

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