Lake Victoria Rehabilitation Center (LVDC)

Towards achieving the highest goals of opening new clinics all over the country and providing standard treatment for clubfoot, TCCO tirelessly struggles to meet with new partners/stakeholders and to ensure that within each region there is at least one clubfoot clinic that provides standard treatment.

Geographically Musoma is a town in north west of Tanzania. It is the capital of Mara Region,one of the administrative Regions of Tanzania. It also serves as the administrative centre of Musoma Rural District and Musoma Urban District. According to the demographic data from TCCO on clubfoot patients, so many people have to travel from Musoma to far places like Shirati and Bunda for clubfoot treatment as no clinic is available in Musoma

Last week we were honored by a visit of Mr. Gilbert and his colleague both from LAKE VICTORIA REHABILITATION CENTER(LVDC) that is in Musoma-Mara region. Such an enduring moment as we had in-depth conversation on extension of our support as TCCO to LVDC which led us to a conclusion of planning a fact-finding mission that will give us an insight to open a clubfoot clinic in Musoma.

Tanzania free of clubfoot disability is possible.

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    I would remind you that you did come to my physio department in maswa DC hospital and promosed to establish the clubfoot menagement by support you could give.

    You assessed the infrastructures and feedback was fair to initiate the preparation .

    Sincerly am greatful.
    I need your response dear sir/madam.

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